Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Weeks and It Couldn't Be Better

Actually it is only 2 weeks, but the song I'm referring to in the title of this post doesn't talk about 2 weeks (boy, is that a hint!).

Hey, sorry I've not been posting. I did take a couple of days off for the Memorial Day weekend. Nice to rejuvenate a little bit before I head out. The rest of my time has been filled with details details details...and practicing those songs in Mandarin, as well as the other songs I'm going to sing. JJ and I did decide on the playlist for the soiree. I don't want to spoil the evening for those of you that get to attend. Let's just say I'm singing songs by Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Menken, Jiu Jian Kenn and Michael Ogborn. Some of those names are very familiar, I'm sure. The others SHOULD be. Just because a composer's name isn't familiar to you doesn't mean their music won't be great. Remember that.

JJ did send me some recordings of some of his compositions, but I'm finding it a bit more difficult than I expected to upload mp3s to this blog. Anyone got any great hints on that one? I'll keep trying to figure it out and hope to get those posted soon.

I think I'll be ready to post a rehearsal video for all of you by this time next week. Stay tuned!


  1. Heidi, I don't see any way to put an MP3 (or any audio format) up using eblogger. If you can put the audio in a video file, then you can upload it.

  2. Thanks Mary. Do you mean I can just save the mp3 in a video format and that will do it? I had another idea when I woke up this morning. I might be able to do it through Picasa, creating a photo collage with audio behind it and then post that to YouTube. Any idea if that would work? I'm hoping to have time to try that in the next couple of days.