Friday, June 25, 2010

Another Op'nin', Another Show

Yup, tonight's the night.  We spent yesterday in technical rehearsals - about 7 hours.  But James, the production manager, did a fantastic job of putting everything into place, so this afternoon's dress rehearsal should go smoothly.  

The house is almost completely sold out - only 8 seats were remaining yesterday!  That's a good feeling.

I also spent my last hours working with the kids yesterday.  They loved playing theatre games with me, specifically The Magic Wind and Postcards.  We also made a musical Fruit Salad this week.  Let me see if I can post the video trailer created from this week's workshops:

Hard to believe my work is almost done here.  It has been almost a year of preparation for 7 days of music, art, travel, a whole new country!  Thanks to all of you for your support.  You have helped me keep going on this project when I thought I should give it up.  And especially, thank you to Jiu Jian for being so curious 11 months ago.

I'll see if I can get Nick to take some photos or video during this afternoon's dress rehearsal.  We'll post tomorrow and then I will take my well-deserved technology break.



  1. I thought there wasn't more that I could envy about you but there you go again performing to a sold out audience half way around the world and soaking up an understanding of a distant culture at the same time. WOW! Stay well and come home soon.

    FYI: I know you have the internet but after sweeping Cleveland 3 games . The Phillys just beat Toranto 9 -zip A win for Haladay

    Phillies now 4 in a row !!

    Love Frank--of the Frank and Jane Show

  2. Thanks for the support AND update on the Phils, Frank. Of course they are winning - I'm not there! Hey, saw a guy wearing a Yankees hat today. I said "boo hiss" and he said "what? I'm from Barcelona." I suggested he not wear that hat if he ever travels to Philadelphia.