Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Read This

I really liked this op-ed piece by David Brooks in the NY Times this morning. I'm posting it here because I think it is very relevant to the work that I attempt to do every day of my life.

Op-Ed Columnist - History for Dollars - NYTimes.com


  1. oh yeah ...undersanding the source of all abundance. Releasing the need to worry about getting it, loosing it,or nor having enough of it - knowing that the supply is truly inexhaustible.

    I've never felt lighter, or more peaceful. I feel a song coming on (imagine, that!)

    People. People who need people... no more hunger or thirst, but first be a person who needs people... la la la

  2. Heidi, thanks for posting that link. What a great piece!! Really, really inspiring and thoughtful. Hope you trip prep is going well. EXCITEMENT!!