Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Busy Day in Singapore

Whew!  Where did this day go?

I started with a delightful breakfast with Connie Kirker, a friend of a friend who is presently living here in Singapore.  Getting her expat insights on Singaporean culture was great.  Taught 3 lessons and had a blast.  Rehearsed with Jiu Jian and Julian at the Cristofari studios next door to my hotel.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 6:00 am, as we are scheduled to be on tv here LIVE sometime before 8:00 am.  Yes, it is true.  Heidi Hayes will have to function in public before 9:00 am.  Not just speak in complete sentences, but even SING.  In Mandarin.  No, I'm not thinking about this, I'm just doing it.  I'm sure you'll all want to read about that event!

Connie has invited me to tour the Asian Civilizations Museum with her in the late morning.  More work with the kids in the afternoon and in the evening, the first of the adult workshops.  I've already met two of the participants; if everyone is as pleasant, we will have a great time.

Today's photo features this handy-dandy way to transport your carry-out drinks:

Thanks for checking in!


  1. Oh how I can identify with the "not before 10am" thing, Heidi. Good luck with the TV doings. We were in Singapore in January of 1989 for the Rotary International Council of Legislation. I'm proud to note that my husband, Ed Eichler, seconded the motion at that meeting that placed brought women into Rotary. Good job, Ed!

    We didn't eat much street food as Rotary advised us to avoid it. Also, George Bush the Elder was inaugurated as POTUS on Jan. 20th that year. We were in the air, enroute to Singapore via Honolulu and Hong Kong so we flew from Jan. 19th to Jan. 21st. I like to say that he was never inaugurated in my book since I didn't experience a January 20th! I'm still not sure about the science of crossing the International Date line. I think my story is slightly slanted by my always Dem leaning politics.

    Good luck, little sis!


    WJ (who has a very nasty ear & sinus infection and wants desperately to be done with high power antibiotics)

  2. You still have that infection? Dang, that's really hanging on. Perhaps I should find you some magical asian cure. I will be on the lookout for cool fabrics, particularly when I finish my work. (got your greywood email today).

    Thanks for your support!