Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Colleen (But The Rest of You Can Look At It)

Take a look at this:

Jiu Jian told me it was a casino.  Turns out it is the new Sands Casino (I know, Colleen, competitor) that is opening today.  According to the many advertisements I saw in the newspaper this morning, the opening concert includes Diana Ross and Jersey Boys.  Also, there's a infinity pool in that top structure.

I took this photo out of the hotel window.  Great view, eh?  Oh, for you geography buffs out there, that's the South China Sea on the other side of the casino.

Here's one more photo from the street to give you more perspective:


  1. that might be one of the most precarious-looking structures i've ever seen

  2. Now that's a BIG ONE!!!!! And whoa, that’s a really great view indeed, very cool. And if they had any sense at all they would have booked “2 Voices 10 Fingers” for their grand opening… The TV clip was very fun to watch. Move over Dr. Phil & Oprah… Here comes Jiu Jian and The Heidster. Cheers! And a BIG Thank You!!

  3. That top looks like a BOAT!! Are you and the guys going to go and visit it?

  4. second most-expensive casino in the world - $8 billion. We might try to go visit - $20 gets you in the top, but since it just opened I have the feeling it will be very crowded. We are going to do the Singapore Flyer. I'll try to post about that.