Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to Know Jiu Jian

Finally! I finally figured out how to get Jiu Jian's music out here. Thanks, Mary for the hint about video files. That made my brain click in.

I created a short photo collage to go with the music. Jiu Jian sent me 2 more songs, so I'll be posting more this week.



  1. Heidi, I could not view the video. It said it was private and I need an invitation. Wooo hooo

  2. Whoops! I just fixed it, embee. Any guesses on the song title this post title comes from? I made it simple....

  3. AWESOME!!! I hope I get one of these CDs for my Bday...hint, hint. And I will leave the title song to someone else, it is soooo easy and another of my favorite songs.