Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Singaporean Colleague, Jiu Jian Kenn

Since most of you are reading from the Heidi side of this project, you don't know very much, if anything about Jiu Jian Kenn. Here's a very brief bio and photo.

Jiu Jian: Producer/Musical Director/Lead Performer

A renowned singer/song writer/artiste/producer/educator, Jiu Jian has received many accolades for his singing and song writing talents, winning the 1990 Xin Yao Best Music Award and the Taiwan Song Writer Society 1999 Best Singles. He has since penned songs for Jacky Cheung, Ronald Chen, Andy Xu and other well-known stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well written theme music for many MediaCorp Chinese drama serials.

As much as he enjoyed singing and song writing, his biggest creative passion came from his stage performances. His stage credits include a Mandarin version of “Private Part” in 1994 , the first local Mandarin musical “December Rain” in 1996, Dance Musical Drama “M. Butterfly” in 1997, “Chase” musical in 2000 , “Love On Stage” Dance Musical Drama in 2008 and this year’s Dance Musical Drama “Butterfly Dreams” – which is the third collaboration he’s done with Dance Ensemble Singapore.

In 2008, Jiu Jian celebrated his 20th years in the music scene with his own concert and produced a fundraising song for the Si Chuan earthquake victims that involved more than 60 local music talents. And in 2009, he founded Ko-nen Creative Ltd, a non-profit company dedicated to promoting Mandarin multi-disciplinary performances and creative events that involves art, music, theatre and lifestyle fashion, where he sits as Artistic Director.

I'm going to ask Jiu Jian for a link to some of his music. I'll post that later this week. Stay tuned!

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